Welcome to Dorod

Second planet from the red giant Ipollox, Dorod’s daytime skies are a perpetual dusky red. The planet’s large satellite, Lim, orbits exactly once every year, dividing its lunar cycle between the thirteen months of the year. Once a year, an event known as Occlusion darkens the land for nearly a month.

Dorod has been wracked by more world-breaking disasters than an orc can count. The civilizations that call it home now live on the bones of dead countries and collapsed monuments. The landscape is blighted by craters and scars. The ecosystems of the planet have been twisted and changed to survive on the harsh planet, and are still quite varied. Frozen tundras, highland plains, dry savannas, choked bogs, steamy rain-forests and plentiful rivers quilt the world in patches. Often evidence of past catastrophes pollutes these ecosystems and perverts the wildlife, but it thrives none-the-less. Currently, Dorod’s ecosystems are very limited. One notable new twist on the planet, is the emergence of the ooze ecosystem.

(For more information on the ages of Dorod, read The Book of Ages.)

Currently, the surface of Dorod is a bleak place. Almost all plant life outside of special sanctuaries has been consumed by the migratory oceans of acidic ooze that scours the planet slowly. It’s sun provides only the weak, ruddy light of perpetual afternoon, and the little surviving wild flora is a blackish purple. Natives live in superfortified cities or underground. One city, Jetsam, manages to survive aboard a flotilla that rides the ooze. The phrase “The tide is coming in” has taken on a whole new meaning for the Dorodeen people.

Equally dangerous to spellcasters of Dorod is the magical Magebane contagion, which spreads among magic users and often leads to death.The magical plague seems immune to normal treatments.

Because the ooze oceans feed on magical energy, much of Dorod’s store of dweomers and arcane artifacts have been depleted, and few exist above ground. Due to mages dying of plague, predatory oceans and the myriad exotic deaths that a wizard may suffer normally, much knowledge was lost about the art of permanently binding magic to objects. Very few wizards survive from that time, and those that did were reclusive or selfish, preventing many from learning their secrets. Still, some are discovering new methods of infusing things with energy. Wizards occasionally return from the outer planes with knowledge of such things, and are the primary source of scrolls and magical gear seen nowadays.

The Dorodeen calendar is universally used by its inhabitants.

- Impact Ocean (Now: Coldcircle, a huge atoll in the Green Sea)
- Techongradi Highlands/ Dodrik highlands
- The Rift (Now: Preach Trench, a submerged trench)

Offspring Worlds:
- Nymm (Century world)
- Nightrock (Century world)
- Blue Door
- Arenalord (Century world)
- Quadril (Century world)
- Shadowfell

- The Sheenseer Covenant