Spidery Solutions

In which the heroes do stuff they said they'd do.

Kvothe, Shirak, Rhiannon, and Artur successfully slew the giant spiders in Silk Town‘s spider pens, winning the silk and seeds they were promised. Their venture was aided this time by Kvothe’s spider familiar, summoned to read the webs of the pens. Artur found that the charm he stole from Barley protected him from the predations of the arachnids, and that it also conferred their websenses onto him. He used this to explore the pens alone, disarming traps and discovering a spider shrine in the far reaches. Something tried to communicate with him in the webs.

The spider-hunters were rewarded with a large amount of raw silk, which most of them sold immediately. Kvothe kept half of his for “projects.” Additionally, they were given an experimental spider-silk rope that is highly elastic and extremely strong.

Before they left, Artur went to visit Ena. He found a note bidding them welcome, and a gift of three potions inside.

Before the travelers left Silk Town, they paid their respects to Fharlahng, god of wayfarers.

On the road out of town they found a man named Athas Eridor putting his horse down. He joined them, as he shared their destination. He claimed that he was investigating the whereabouts of his cousin, and was tracing a letter he received from a sender named Khammisu in Rhyryburg. He said that he was part of the Silver Hawks of Ruby, an organization of monster hunters that specialize in killing lycanthropes. His cousin was a part of the same organization, and was granted magical items for his hunting, but Athas was granted no such gifts and seeks the aid of either his cousin, or his cousin’s supplies.

That night, after traveling at a surprisingly brisk pace for such a loaded cart, they stopped on the road, fourteen miles from Hog’s Cross. In the night a woman named Missy Mottles joined them in camp. She said that she came from a fresh snail hunt and that her cousin, Ena, said there were a number of armed travelers making their way in the same direction, so she’d hurried to catch them, having assumed they’d leave the next day.


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