Artur Hawkwing

He does the odd jobs that take him out of town


Age 35. Half elf.


Artur lives in a small two room cottage near the edge of Rhyryburg. His parents still live in town too. His mother is Gailbes Hawkwing, and elf. His father is Hunter Stoumen, a human.

When he was younger, Artur’s mother would punish every misbehavior with a leather flogging. She banned him from going to school the next day and would make him sit and listen to her chide him while she applied layers of her healing ointment to any bruises and split skin the punishment had caused. Sometimes Artur ran away into the woods crying after a flogging, not allowing his mother to tend to the wounds. She always left a container of her ointment at edge of the woods for him to find. His absences from school worried the teacher, and left him the subject of estrangement by his classmates.

Artur found Kvothe and Shirak in the forest after one such punishment. The two infants were still covered in birthing fluid. The poor boy was stunned. He wandered far from the village even then, and the clearing they lay in was two miles out of town. Young Artur feared that he may not find them again if he left them, and decided to carry them back. He emerged from the forest in nothing but britches, his back imprinted with flogmarks and cuts, his arms and chest covered in brown and red effluence from his horned cargo. The town was shocked, but his reputation as a helpful little hero was born.

No one was surprised when he joined the outriders. Many favored him over the others because of his reputation. This favor caused his reputation to grow, since he was the one most commonly given opportunities to prove his worth. He became the go-to man for odd jobs beyond the edge of the forest.

Cynthia Cherrywood, mayor of Rhyryburg, has offered to marry him to his girlfriends over the years, but he has always declined. She vocally suggests that perhaps he fears the stability of the roots that such a union might provide in Rhyryburg.

Artur currently helps maintain a flower garden with Rhiannon Cherrywood and keeps watch over the forest. He tries to find any new plants that may have spread from other villages, or whose seeds may have been carried there by the wind. As an outrider, he also guards against unwelcome guests and unlawful foresters.

Artur Hawkwing

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