Athas Eridor

A Talon of The Silver Hawks of Ruby


Athas has had medium length brown hair that rests just above his shoulders. He has emerald green eyes with a scar running down his left eye. Athas stands at 5’10 and is built with lean muscle formed from his years of intense training


Athas Eridor was born in Rockreach. He is part of the Silver Hawks of Ruby, a line of patriarchal monster hunters who dedicate their lives to destroying the beasts that find their way into Nymm. They specialize in hunting lycanthropes, who sneak into the demiplane aided by their shapeshifting. He was rigorously trained as a weapon against beasts that prowl the wilds of Nymm.

His father begot a daughter and a son. Athas, being the oldest and the only son, was taught the family tradition of hunting monsters. All of the older village fathers had two sons so his father was pressured to train him twice as hard so that he’d become as skilled as the better of two people. However this caused a rift between them as his father and he often didn’t see eye to eye. He left the village after his training was complete. Normally Talons form small cells of monster hunters but he didn’t agree with his fellow Talons’ practices. Athas journeyed apart from them, looking for his own group to hunt with.

While on the road, Athas received a message that his cousin Oscar might be in danger, and he should contact the wizard Khammisu in Rhyryburg for more information. On his way to Rhyryburg he met Artur Hawkwing, Kvothe, Rhiannon Cherrywood, and Shirak, who were returning from a job in Silktown. They traveled together to Rhyryburg, and after the events of the Suspicious Sacrifice brought them closer together, Athas joined the four adventurers’ company, the Fangs of the Forest.

Athas avenged Oscar by defeating the ethereal werewolf whom his cousin’s spirit had been locked in battle with at Holey Hill, and went on several more adventures with the Fangs. He fell prey to a yellow musk creeper and was a zombie under the plant’s spell for several days before his friends rescued him. Currently, he is on the road again with the Fangs.

Athas Eridor

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