Atlas Blackhoof

Centaur adventurer, Deceased.


Atlas Blackhoof,
Age 26 (Deceased)
Blue eyes
Shoulder length brown hair
Short scraggly beard, brown
Solid brown horse body
Incredibly muscular
Gruff in interactions with most races, prefers elves over other bipedals


Atlas lived in Nettlegreen woods since he was a foal. Atlas met his mate Rhea at an annual Summer festival held by a city of elves that the local good folk were invited to. There were Elves, Centaurs, Gnomes, Halflings, and a small band of Orcs (no Humans were allowed, of course). Atlas’ long time friend Aaron was a young Elf of this city and it was only at his insistence that Atlas attended that fateful summer. A drunken Atlas insisted that Aaron help him intimidate the Gnomes, but Aaron insisted that they should go hunting or something with his father instead. As Aaron left, Atlas stumbled into a tent of an Orcish warrior. Naturally the Orc was irritated, but had already drunk too much Elven wine and had trouble slurring a full sentence. As they yelled at each other, a large crowd gathered to watch including the majority of the Centaurs Atlas had grown up with and several of his elders. As Atlas readied himself to grapple with the Orc, who’s name he never learned, Elder Alpha stepped in between them. Not noticing the difference in opponent, Atlas stamped his hoof, the formal delivery of a non-lethal challenge among centaurs. As Alpha accepted the challenge with two stamps of his front hooves, Atlas’ eyes locked with the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Rhea had olive skin, deep green eyes behind hazel hair in a loose braid. Her coat was a shining burnt gold, and her mouth was full of pearls as she laughed at his drunkenness. Filled with purpose, Atlas entered the grapple with new sobriety. While Elder Alpha was many years older than Atlas and still fit, he had anticipated wrestling a drunkard, not a love inspired machine of muscle. They fought till sundown, and by the end all of the original watchers had left and been replaced by other festival attendees. Except for Rhea. When Atlas finally pinned the old bay, he stood and declared it had all been for her. Since none of the watchers had seen the beginning it was incredibly well taken as romantic. She, of course, rubbed it in his face often.

Atlas and Rhea lived happily among their kin for almost a week. Then the news arrived that Aaron had lost his parents on the hunting trip Atlas had rejected. Feeling in part guilty for his friend’s loss, Rhea insisted that Aaron stay with them. Aaron was rejoiced to discover Atlas had found a mate. Atlas explained to him that centaurs did not “marry” as two legs do, but mate for life. Aaron lived with them, separate from the herd for almost a year before the incident. While Atlas and Aaron were in town, a band of renegade Human slavers found Rhea bathing alone in a stream. They decided that it would be their ultimate accomplishment to capture and ride a centaur woman. Had Rhea not been unarmed in waist deep water, they would undoubtedly all have died. The slavers waited by the bank with weighted chains. Proud as she was, Rhea did not let herself be taken. She charged the men and bashed their bodies together as they began throwing barbed spears into her flank.

I found her on the bank. Her eyes were open, but she did not see me. Four Humans were found downstream by my kinsmen. Aaron consoled me as best he could, but I’m afraid my grief reopened the loss of his parents. I knew we could live calmly no longer. I sought the advice of Elder Alpha who gave me leave to leave the woods until I found a way to avenge my love. I am so close to cracking… Aaron keeps me sane. I am Atlas Blackhoof. Rhea’s death will be corrected.

Upon adventuring with the Defenders of Dorod, Atlas died in the Singing Mountains. At the time, the Defenders were hired to protect a caravan and consisted of Atlas, Aaron, Tobias, Kitiara, Tsukiko, Anna, Daeron the elf ranger, and Aramil the monk. And Bax. Not knowing the Common tongue, Atlas could only communicate with half of the adventurers in pantomime.

Atlas Blackhoof

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