Barley Stubknuckle

"Spider King"


Barley Stubknuckle is a halfling stout who favors dark leather clothing and close-cropped brown hair. He is often seen with a spear and is well-muscled for such a short figure.


Barley worked for the Silk Town spider pens, culling the largest spiders before they ate their young. Recently he declared himself king of the spiders and began preventing people from entering the pens to perform his previous duties. A band of travelers from [Rhyryburg]] convinced him to come out, whereupon he was arrested. Artur Hawkwing stole a black-stained wooden spider pendant from him, much to his dismay, before the guards put him behind bars.

He was sweet on “Dezzy”, who didn’t share his affections. He gave her a wooden pendant filled with spider-based love poems.

Barley Stubknuckle

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