Chispa Cerun

A druid that lives near Rhyryburg.


A tangled thicket of jet black hair spouts from the top of Chispa’s head. No one is sure if she purposefully weaves the leaves and sticks in, or if she just can’t be bothered to remove them. Her brown skin matches the polished mahogany staff she carries.

Chispa wears layers of overlapping silks cut to look like leaves, with polished leather tips on each point. The outfit was a gift from Silk Town after she helped remove a malignant colony of mold from the spider pens.

No one is quite sure how old Chispa is, and she only jokes that they’ll have to split her open and count the rings when asked. She appears to hover around her early twenties.


Chispa makes her home a day’s travel from Rhyryburg and considers herself a citizen of the town. She only visits roughly once every month and a half because her duties keep her travelling or studying the forests, fields and marshes of the area.

Chispa is responsible for Rhyryburg, Silk Town, Glensfield, Wendyshollow, Samgrove, Hog’s Cross, Verdale and Flank..

Chispa Cerun

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