Cynthia Logwopper-Cherrywood

Former Mayor of Rhyryburg


Cynthia was a plump halfling with bronzed cheeks and short brown hair.


Coming from a halfling settlement in the core of Nymm, Cynthia held Yondalla close to her heart. She is a strick adherent to the mother of all halflings, and abides by her codes of hospitality and family values.

Cynthia was the mayor of Rhyryburg. She appointed Rhiannon Gardener, and respected her opinion greatly.

Cynthia was very involved in business around town, and was beloved and respected by the people of Rhyryburg until her untimely death, when she was killed by an animated sword. She was replaced by Rhiannon.

Cynthia Logwopper-Cherrywood

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