Darrius "The Goat"

Order deputy with an enormous appetite.


Darrius is large, and wears loosely intertwined sarongs much of the time, favoring bright yellows and reds. He speaks with a distinct lisp due to a scar that splits his lip to the left, and narrowly misses his eye. He wears a ring on almost every finger.


Ostensibly called “The Goat” because of his stubbornness in battle, Darrius is known throughout Eastern Lower Nymm for a particular battle in which he proved himself against the orcish hordes in their own swamplands. Some joke that, like his namesake, he will eat anything. He prefers to ride a horse, rather than the giant lizards that his men ride.

Darrius is a deputy of the Order of the Silver Flame and bears the flame-shaped silver badge of office. The Order rarely ventures this far from Teonne, and there are no prison facilities this far out for him to send criminals to.

Darrius has travelled along the Rhyryn River collecting donations from the locals to fund the war with the orcs. He says that “shifting fronts” brought him here, and that he is tracking orcs that may have gotten past the cordon.

Several travelers from Silk Town informed him that there was a band of orcs near Maybury.

Darrius "The Goat"

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