Elmer Mudd

"Mayor" of Silk Town


Elmer is a portly, middle-aged human with dark skin. He wears expensive silk clothing afforded by his position, with the exception of his boots. He habitually wears knee-high waders from his days as a tar-gatherer in the Sloughwallow Swamp.


Originally a swamptar gatherer, Elmer respects the little people and has not forgotten where he came from. The people of Silk Town, and the greater area respect him greatly. Because of this, many people attribute him with the title of “Mayor”, though he is actually just the most personable figure in a triumvirate council that govern the silk trade through the area. He has a soft spot for whiskey spiked with spider venom.

He met with Rhiannon Cherrywood, the Gardener from Rhyryburg, and hired her and a number of her associates as spider cullers during a crisis and payed them in raw silk and seeds. At his suggestion, they were also given an experimental ampullate dragline rope of extreme tensile strength.

Elmer Mudd

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