Ena Jarropulllin

Herbalist in Silk Town


A pale-skinned red-headed human. She favors white clothing and has steady hands.


Ena works as an herbalist in Silk Town, but is far from the only one practicing there. She is often called upon to perform minor surgery when no traveling chirurgeon can be found. Ena purchases most of her herbs from the three sisters across the street from her, and oddly they will sell to no one else.

She recently cared for Artur Hawkwing and Kvothe while they helped solve the spider crisis in town. She hasn’t been seen since.

Artur found a gift of three “health potions” in her apothecary and a note.

Shirak later found the house barred with the white-hand of death upon it and inquired at the guardhouse as to the cause. A guard informed the tiefling that Ena was found dead in her herb closet with evidence of an animal attack on her body. Four long, deep gouges from her neck to her ribs. They said they found a note inside on the counter, and a response written on it, and are looking for whoever wrote to her for questioning, though they don’t suspect them.

Ena Jarropulllin

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