Fevrin Fharlanghswill

Traveling scholar, noble, and cleric of Fharlangh


Fevrin Fharlanghswill is an 140 year old woodland elf. He has copper skin and black hair, and is of average height for an elf but fairly scrawny.


Fevrin is the youngest son of a noble elf family. He had a schloarly bent from a young age and was sent by his family to study at a monastic library of Boccob. He spent much of his formative years at the monastery, and as a result his intelligence far outweighs his social skills. At the monastery he grew interested in tales of adventurers and adventuring companies and began to research this subject extensively.

Shortly after Fevrin came of age, he was on a journey from the monastery to his family’s manor when he stopped at a shrine of Fharlangh for the night. Fharlangh came to him in a dream and called upon him to seek out adventurers and travelers and record their stories for posterity, and gave him divine powers to protect him on the road. Fevrin returned to his family to share the news of his divine mission, and they gave him their blessing and two retainers to accompany him on his journey: Marelin, one of his younger half-elf cousins who was smart, practical, and of the age where an apprenticeship to a scholar would be appropriate, and Bergonya, a female dwarf who owed a life debt to Fevrin’s family and had been serving them as a cook and porter. She now does the same tasks for Fevrin on the road, while Marelin aids him with his research and note-taking. Fevrin took up the last name Fharlanghswill instead of his true noble name to reflect his service to the god and to keep his identity hidden during his travels from those who wished his family ill.

Fevrin was on a tour of Fharlangh’s shrines when he stopped in Rhyryburg and heard news of a couple adventurers undertaking a mission to clear out a local wizard’s basement. He joined Kvoth and Artur for the task, and having determined them to be sufficiently interesting individuals for his book on adventuring, signed on with their adventuring company Fangs of the Forest in order to observe and aid them. He, Marelin, and Bergonya are currently traveling with the company (though the latter two are not technically members, merely Fevrin’s retainers.)

Fevrin Fharlanghswill

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