Fomos Riddeon

Resident drunk and druid of Maybury.


A portly man of 40-odd years. He walks with a drunken swagger, even when sober. His garb is primarily constructed of dry hides bound around him in ragged tatters by braided snakeskin cords. A shocking yellow cloak hangs from his shoulders when he’s stable enough not to stain it.


Fomos was raised as a druid by his mother due to the high demand for those with green thumbs in Kal’s Century. He begrudgingly took up the mantle and performed his duties for fifteen years in various parts of the southern crescent.

Those he served took joy in his presence, and would readily describe him as a blessing. He was quite gregarious, making friends wherever he went. A decade ago as part of his duties, he travelled to an area in the southern shadow of Shearcliff to investigate reports of strange animals. As an official druidic defender, he was charged with equalizing the ecosystem throughout the century. He returned to town with a mysterious bite on his shoulder and an uncharacteristically grim look that he’s maintained since. The tavern became his home away from home. Sobriety became rare.

He travelled to Maybury two years ago expressing the hope that he could “give up his duties and forget the worlds’ comings and goings”. When Amaj Fion, the resident druid, stopped showing up to cure sick goats and removing leaf-rot, he went out to investigate. He has been the resident druid of Maybury since, but only with great reluctance.

Fomos Riddeon

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