Gailbes Hawkwing

Artur's mother


Gailbes is a wood elf of indeterminable age missing an ear. A scar traces its way down her cheekbone, pale against her tanned skin. Her hair is a coppery cascade down the back of her neck, held in a short braid between her shoulder blades.


It is difficult to get Gailbes to speak of her past. She says that it was grim, and that before she came here things were difficult. She has occasionally mentioned her ties to an order of law-enforcers called the Greyguard, but does not elaborate often.

Gailbes has had many husbands, but seems to cherish both hunter Stoumen and their son, Artur. Though her son is older now, and her husband bedridden, Gailbes still treats Artur like a child. She takes great care in knowing his business, though she doesn’t often show physical affection, as elven mothers tend not to. Artur may even be able to count the embraces he has received.

Her baking is notoriously raw and fresh, finely cut and usually bittersweet. She claims it’s the same food that her mother made her. The children of Rhyryburg have come to realize that if Artur tries to share one of her “cakes,” it’s unlikely to fit their notions of said dessert item.

Artur’s mother would punish every misbehavior with a leather flogging. She would ban him from going to school the next day and would make him sit and think of what he’d done while she applied layers of her healing ointment to any bruises and split skin the punishment had caused. Sometimes Artur ran away into the woods crying after a flogging, not allowing his mother to tend to the wounds. She always left a container of her ointment at edge of the woods for him to find. His absences from school worried the teacher, and left him the subject of estrangement by his classmates.

Such punishment was accompanied by chiding lectures on rules and obeying. She preached old Greyguard teachings to him, though he did not realize the source of such lessons or punishments until many years later.

Gailbes plans on leaving after the Nuptial of Nuts to take her husband to Teonne, where he might find a specialist healer, and she could be more involved in the war effort. She is good with a sword,

Gailbes Hawkwing

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