Gruglash Throat-Taker

Infamous orc hero, now long dead.


Gruglash was a large grey orog with a mane of thick black hair. He wore the silver crown of a conquered king whose kingdom the Storm-of-Skins had reduced to ashes and rubble.


Led a twelfth of the southern half of the Storm-of-Skins. Inexplicably betrayed the other eleven twelfths of the horde during the Battle of Skin and Bone, leading to their downfall. During the battle, his silver crown was shattered by a hammer blow, which lodged half of it in his skull. He survived, but after his twelfth escaped the massacre of the battle, they were disowned. Branded the Broken-Crown Clan, his men were ostracized and knew it. They killed him within the day, claiming the half of his crown that remained in his head, without removing it. The next chief wore his skull with the crown fragment still embedded in it as a helmet.

He is remembered as a traitor who cursed the Broken-Crowns forever.

Gruglash Throat-Taker

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