Gundrick Stonesinew

Dwarvish Paladin of Moradin


Gundrick Stonesinew worked as a member of the forger’s guild in his mountain home near Rockreach. After an orcish raiding party invaded his home and set to sacrificing his kinsmen he prayed to Moradin, that should he be delivered from this atrocity, he would serve the god and live by his principles until the end of his days. It was as the last of his clan was being fed into the ever-growing pool of blood that a fiend, drawn by the suffering of the dwarves, arose from the pit and set to slaughtering those around it. Upon finding Gundrick, the fiend laughed and claimed that he would cause the dwarf more pain by leaving him alive than killing him, and vanished into the deep.

Since then, Gundrick has roamed searching for tales of other families that have been harmed by the evil creatures of the world. It was in one of his early adventures that he heard of a cave in the woods said to be haunted. With his new divine senses as confirmation, he strode into the cave and was quickly put to sleep. It was upon waking that he found himself in the company of those who would be his future traveling companions.

Gundrick Stonesinew

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