Kal Dezmorrous

The Exarch of Nymm


Kal is commonly assumed to be a lich. He is almost never seen in person, and on the only occasions that he is, he wears full body robes, gloves and a porcelain mask that depicts different animal and beast faces, morphing every few minutes as he turns his head.

Observers note that, when he has been seen, many small objects seem to orbit his head no further than 2 feet away.



Kal resides in Teonne guarded by winged constructs.
He specializes in portal magic and transmutation. Kal has advanced the art of creating animate constructs tremendously.

Kal’s spire is the tallest object in all of Nymm. It doesn’t have any apparent entrances at ground level. He does not take part in politics at all and has never been seen to leave his tower, though he does occasionally make appearances on its balconies.

It is said that the Order of the Silver Flame has a standing warrant for his arrest.

Kal Dezmorrous

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