Resident wizard of Rhyryburg. (deceased?)


A gruff man of dark complexion. Khammisu is 97 and extremely frail. His white hair is braided into three thick cords that hang down to his chest and he keeps his chin clean-shaven. He is fond of wearing deep purple robes with bright yellow embroidery. His walking cane is topped with a two headed serpent coiled around a brass, crescent moon set horizontally.


Khammisu has lived in Rhyryburg since its founding. He has always been a reclusive figure. 25 years ago he called a succubus to the town. It got loose or was released by him for some cause. Only one death resulted from the succubus’ tear through the town’s supply of lonely single people. Twins were born from the creature a year later just outside of town, where they were found, still coated in birth fluid, by a young forester named Artur.
He ran a bandit leader out of town 15 years ago, reportedly by cursing the man over the course of a week with wracking pains and deleterious sickness.

Khammisu has taken on few apprentices. One, Renyean “Black” Ibn Al-Blacktower, left Rhyryburg ten years ago. Another, Kvothe, was one of the two tieflings birthed by the succubus, who showed some talent in arcane arts. Even with his apprentices, he was fiercely private, and both were relegated to studying in the cabin behind his house. Kvothe has never been seen to enter the main house.

Judging from what the Fangs of the Forest found in his basement, Khammisu was researching exotic new ways to prolong life, and change bodies. His basement was filled with all manner of proto-lifeforms. Hungry in the absence of regular feedings, they attacked the Fangs and attempted to devour them.

His writing assistant construct told of a half-formed body that might still have some of Khammisu’s thoughts in it.

Khammisu’s body was found unwinding at his desk wearing a helm of Hexicite. It was not found by Black when he was summoned as a contingency, and to inherit Khammisu’s estate. His body has yet to be rediscovered.


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