Krawmog Bloodsinger

Famed leader of Nymm's orcs


As an Eye-of-Gruumsh, Krawmog has one empty socket in his head, which he never covers. He wears the partial skull of Gruglash Throat-Taker with half of a silver crown embedded in the bone as his chief’s crest.


Krawmog is an Orog from the Broken-Crown Clan. He is prime chief of the orcs in Nymm and rules from Garum-Gol.

Several assassins have made attempts on Krawmog’s life. During the most successful attempt, a halfling ran her short sword through his back, up to its hilt at the base of his spine. It severed his spinal cord. As he fell to the floor, he twisted and grabbed the assassin by he leg, pulling her back to him. His guards ran to investigate not because of his own cries for assistance, but because she shrieked so loudly when he raised her above his chest with both hands on the sides of her head. The guards arrived in time to witness him repeatedly driving her eyes onto the point of the sword protruding from his chest.

When she became still he rolled the body off of himself and pulled the sword from his back. The guards reported that he never made more than quiet grunts as he did so. He called to Gruumsh, and inhaled deeply, drawing not just air into his lungs, but the blood of the halfling through the hole in his torso. He let out a bellow as he raised himself up to his feet and dragged the husk out of the room.

He has the favor of Gruumsh.

His forefather was Halkrub the Bloody, whose beating heart was ripped from his chest by a Rakshasa called Korrikulu. It is said that it never stopped bleeding, and that Krawmog chased Korrikulu through the desert, following the trail of his father’s heartblood. He never found the fiend.

Krawmog Bloodsinger

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