Krillvaga Twice-Cursed

The villian of a children's tale and local myth.


Krillvaga is said to be the color of shadows, with grease dripping from her emaciated frame. They say her breasts leak putrefied milk that can allow one who consumes it to see the deep ethearal plane where dreams are real, just as she can see it. In the stories, she tricks children into drinking this milk and drives them insane.

The tales claim that she has a mane of midnight black and that her face and arms are covered in festering boils clear down to the dragging claws that tip her hands.

Her image appears on illustrated scrolls but varies wildly based on artistic interpretation.


Krillvaga Twice-Cursed is also called the “Nightmare Princess” and “Aunty Mag” in some tales. It is said that she roams the land sniffing for nightmares so that she can manipulate them and magnify them. She harvests the souls of the dreamers in the midst of their worst nightmares after having cultivated a twisted soul through the mental torture she inflicts nightly.

Krillvaga is blamed for Peelhoof, curdled milk, night terrors and missing children. There is no real evidence that she was ever real however, aside from the testimony of terrified commoners found sleepwalking who claimed to have been driven by her.

Reports of this kind have been growing more common. It is relatively normal to blame Krillvaga for things like tripping, gates left open and fires that burn out at night. She is blamed for minor and major mischief.

In many stories, she has a sister, or an associate, named Yidira Shriek-Stolen. In most of them, Yidira plays a supportive role, and is dominated by Krillvaga. Yidira often takes on the form of an enormous black raven who flies in front of the moon, darkening the night so that Krillvaga can operate unwitnessed.

In some stories, Krillvaga wears Yidira’s skin or wings as a cloak. The black garment is said to contain the stolen screams of children and mothers within its folds. They can be heard keening out of the fabric as it flaps in the wind with a life of its own.

Krillvaga Twice-Cursed

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