Tiefling wizard. Apprentice of Khammisu.


Kvothe has dark red skin. Ridged horned sweep back from his forehead, framing his face. He commonly wears riding boots, black pants, and a black jacket over a white shirt.


Kvothe is apprentice to Khammisu and resides in Rhyryburg. He is 24, but has picked up the magical arts incredibly quickly. Born from the “succubus scandal,” Kvothe is almost related to Khammisu, as the old wizard was responsible for the accidentally released fiend in the first place.

Kvothe owns a number of books:
- “Rumseld, the Werewolf Wanderer”
- “X the Mystic’s Rules of Dungeon Survival”.
- “The Hygromanteia- Solomon’s Treatise on the Nature of Magic”


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