Merriam Geryaerys

Noble brat of Ronald Geryaerys


Merriam is barely 19, and proudly sports the dark scratchings of a pubescent proto-mustache on his lip. His chestnut skin has not seen the wear of work. On his head he wears a wide tricorn with a bright blue feather through it. Tall blue riding boots and a blue hauberk trimmed in spun gold cover an expensive breastplate and thick greaves. For all this, he doesn’t seem to know how to carry his body and walks with an awkward stumbling gait.


Merriam Geryaerys is the son of Baron Ronald Geryaerys in Tallin, up north along the Rhyryn River. Rich and proud, he often wields his father’s name.

Merriam Geryaerys

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