Missy Mottles

Snail collector that lives in the Sloughwallow


A freckled red-headed human with ragged clothes and bright blue eyes. Muck covers her arms up to the elbow and her legs up just past her knees. She usually has a sack of snails on her hip. Pretty voice. Wears a number of snail-shell rings.


Missy Mottles forages for snails in the Sloughwallow Swamp, which she sells to Hog’s Cross and Samgrove. She has done this all her life.

In the middle of the night, she joined a group of travelers that stopped the spiderpen crisis in Silk Town and spoke to Shirak.

Claimed to be the cousin of Ena Jarropulllin, but this was disproven by Investigator Angunar.

Missy Mottles

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