Peeter Lipsmacker

Lead vocalist of a band with a penchant for drugs


Peeter is a halfling and a professional performer. His blonde muttonchops trail down as long as a dwarf’s beard. His hair is drawn into a long ponytail and he wears a bright red jacket and matching pants. They are stained and poorly kept.


Peeter gathered a band, named after him some years ago. Peeter Lipsmacker and His Mimsy Whimsy Girls travel around offering their music to all for a price. He is a rampant womanizer among halflings, and enjoys taking kroak. His vices are fairly normal for a famous performer though, and are accepted most places as harmless. Apparently he quite frequently beds all three of his bandmates.

Peeter was banned from Silk Town after he introduced the youth of the town to kroak.

Peeter Lipsmacker

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