Renyean "Black" Ibn Al-Blacktower

Former apprentice of Khammisu.


Black is a large man. His orange robes fit tightly over his shoulders, and the silver trim contrasts with the darkness of his skin. His head is bald, and covered in an elaborate tattoo of clockwork, though one side is marred by a horrible scar stretching across his scalp. Below it, his eye is covered with a white patch bearing the Boccobian eye motif in blue. He walks with a heavy limp on one sides. The eye and the leg, were all taken from in an old incident. He uses a peg in its stead.


Black was one of the few apprentices to survive Khammisu’s tutelage.This is not uncommon among wizards, and the old apprentice doesn’t seem to fault his former-master for it any. He won’t speak of what devastated his body though.

The apprentice moved to Teonne after parting with Khammisu. There, he offered his talents to the famous gnomish engineer, Mrs. Betwixti. She taught him much of mechanical matters, though he was certainly not her only pupil at the time.

He has gained some renown as a creator of replacement limbs, though he does not use his own creations himself for some reason. His most successful piece was an arm, crafted for an old elven soldier from Dorod.

Renyean "Black" Ibn Al-Blacktower

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