An adventurer from Rhyryburg, in Nymm


Shirak is a dark grey tiefling with ram horns and fangs. He cuts his own hair.


Born in Rhyryburg from what townspeople often call the “succubi incident” ,Shirak grew up under the care of his father, the stablemaster. He is great with horses, and teaches the town children how to ride in his spare time.
He dropped out of the town’s small school due to bullying, both of the instructor and fellow students at a very young age, and spent his youth learning all about horses from his father. Because of this, he means to become a teacher, especially to children that are bullied or different. Unfortunately, he did not stick around school long enough to learn much, and is only semi-literate.
He has been learning to read and write from Rhiannon Cherrywood, a halfling who came to the town to be the gardener, in exchange for riding lessons. She’s not much of a rider, but she’s a good teacher, and Shirak studies diligently.
His mage brother on his infernal side, Kvothe, is distant from him, though Shirak considers him family.


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