Preparations for the Nuptial of Nuts
In which our heroes deal with spider-farmers

It is now Libertundi 26th. Kvothe, the tiefling wizard studying under Khammisu, Shirak, his brutish brother who tends the horses and teaches the town’s children to ride, Rhiannon, a halfling and the town Gardener, and Artur, who serves as an Outrider, all joined together for the ride to Silk Town this past week. Kvothe bought expensive spell components for his master. Rhiannon gathered Artur to lead her to Silk Town so that she could purchase the annual shipment of seeds for use during the planting season. Shirak led Sunshine, the horse he had borrowed from his father to pull the cart that they planned to carry the seeds back in. Artur, brought along as a guide and sentinel, simply wanted to get away from Rhyryburg.

Kvothe found what he needed. The rest found that Silk Town had developed a problem and in preparation for its predicted hard times, could not sell them the seeds at the usual price. A halfling named Barley Stubknuckle had decided that instead of culling the larger spiders, he would protect them. Kvothe successfully terrified him into coming out. Artur stole a black-stained spider pendant from him before he was shown to jail.

Shirak and Artur braved Sloughwallow Swamp in an attempt to catch a large toad for Shirak. They did not predict how large the toad would be and it almost caught them instead. Now rumors are circulating about man-eating toads.

Rover’s Rollers, a trading caravan, was staying in Silk Town. The travelers purchased some goods from them. Shirak was wary to let Sunshine anywhere near them and kept him on the other side of the river for the entirety of their stay, stabling him with a friendly family for the nights.

The Nuptial of Nuts will be on the 20th of Fertillun.

Developments on Dorod
The story so far

Dorod was, 200 years ago, invaded by a hostile alien race known as the Starfallen. The creatures attacked in the distant past, during what was known as the Impact War, and fought Dorodeen defenders of all stripes until they were defeated. Their method of travel throughout the cosmos utilized the energy of stars to create vast portal networks and navigation systems, but it required more precise equipment to prevent them from arriving within the stars themselves. Lim was their arrival platform, and through it they spilled into the Dorodeen skies. When they were defeated, the Oathsain sealed the gates that channeled Ipollox’s energy into the system.

The Starfallen were released from their lunar prison roughly 30,000 years later by Oathsain Godslayer. Brave heroes slew the mad Oathsain sentinel, but not before he was able to cause the release of all seals and failsafes on Lim. The Starfallen plunged with ravenous mouths towards the planet and began scouring the surface as they mutated their bodies to withstand the struggles against its native inhabitants. They encountered arcane ooze at a point near the south pole, and could not grow a counter-strategy fast enough to escape the hungry organism. The ooze then spread, reproducing with terrifying rapidity as it fed on the arcane energies of the Starfallen and the sheer bulk of their bodies.

Soon the whole planet became aware of this new plague. Peoples once divided banded together. The races of Dorod huddled in ancient shelters and tombs as giants clashed with aliens overhead. Some fled to the planes like rats from a sinking ship. Others created fortresses against the ooze with specially treated crystals that held it at bay. The tide in the war turned as the ooze grew exponentially, draining the oceans and digesting the forests as it slid across the planet’s surface.

The Starfallen could not match the hunger of the arcane ooze. It could smell them for miles. Once they were exterminated, the indifferent defender of Dorod had nothing left to feast upon and its growth nearly halted.

Now, the survivors’ offspring live in fortified super-cities, hiding from the all-consuming, migratory oceans that lap in huge, slow waves against their walls before disappearing beyond the horizon again.

Archipelagoes of these safe cities dot the landscape. Others dwell in demiplanes expanded to house growing populations. These demiplanes used to be bunkers and shelters against the war. A band of 100 powerful wizards formed a chain of such habitats that came to be known as Centuries. The Centuries are insulated against the outside worlds, and often the populations within them have little understanding of the greater cosmos. Many are ruled by eccentric, cruel or abusive wizard lords. Some of them are the sites of grand experiments. Whether the populations within consent or are even aware of such experiments varies widely.

You live in one of the largest Centuries. Welcome to Kal’s Century, Nymm.


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