Blue Door

“Blue Door isn’t a place, friend, it’s a phenomenon.” Orpheus


Blue Door is a collection of variable-time demiplanes. Most are filled with taverns, inns, brothels, gambling dens, and the enclaves of exotic ne’er-do-wells. The flow of booze there is more steady than the flow of time, and anything that inebriates can be found there.

Blue Door opens portals across the planes. They manifest, covered by a blue door, in heavily populated areas with little fanfare. Bouncers keep the order within its halls, and keepers guide newcomers to the chronological flow rates they want. Getting out again in the same place is no guarantee.

Blue Door is the interplanar tavern of taverns. Within, the drinking contests are legendary, and epics are told for toasts. It is there that the eternal game of tales is played. Heroes from all across the planes tell of their feats, attempting to best the previous story with glory and guffaws. Proof is always demanded, and trophies are displayed openly. The keepers will buy some trophies, displaying them on the walls over plaques that detail their relevant story.

Blue Door

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