A known womanizing drunk. A traveling bard by trade, Orpheus made friends any place he stopped for the night. He has a tendency to aggravate authority figures and frequently finds himself in exile.

Orpheus is one of the few surviving heroes known as the Defenders of Dorod who took down Oathsain Godslayer in an attempt to halt the second Starfallen invasion.

His music was recorded by the Bonescribe and became wildly successful. The most popular song was the Dirge of the Doomed Explorers which recounts events of VonFleiterhorn oral legend. Now the songs are played by many bards and minstrels across Dorod for demanding audiences.

After an incident with a Bacchae revelry horde in the VonFleiterhorn demiplane, Orpheus was disallowed from returning to see his friend and fellow survivor Tobias.

Orpheus, while drunk, inadvertently caused a subcontinent to be nearly pulled into the Astral Plane. He was exiled from the material plane for eternity and assigned a dozen powerful inevitables whose sole purpose is to prevent him from entering it or remaining on it.

Orpheus currently resides within the Blue Door and earns his keep playing music. Some come to the inn purely to hear him play.


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