Dorodeen calendar

The Dorodeen calendar has 13 months. There are 28 days in each month except Vodun and 365 days in the Dorodeen year.

Each month is followed by a suffix that denotes its seasonal group. The months are Ilun (spring), Ulun (summer), Demun (autumn) and Ocun (winter). “Un” means “moon” in an ancient elven dialect and refers to the fact that on Dorod each month is characterized by where Lim hangs in the sky on its annual orbit. The seasonal grouping suffix, or the last syllable of each month, is commonly dropped by speakers for ease of use.

-Libertundi (waxing crescent)
-Fertillundi (waxing crescent)
-Corpulagi (first quarter)
-Patrondu (First quarter)
-Ignaru (waxing gibbous)
-Scorlu (waxing gibbous)
-Rerdem (full)
-Feasdem (waning gibbous)
-Nodem (waning gibbous)
-Vigiloc (third quarter)
-Numboc (third quarter)
-Mortoc (waning crescent)
-Vodun (new moon/solar eclipse)

Nymm uses the same calendar, but there is no Occlusion in Nymm, so Vodun is not as much of a time of dread.

In Nymm, the wet seasons are spring and autumn.

Dorodeen calendar

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