Fangs of the Forest

The Fangs of the Forest is an adventuring company based in Rhyryburg.

Current Members

Former Members

Feats Accomplished

  • Culled the Silktown spiders and defeated the abomination in the spider waste pit (commissioned by Mayor Elmer Mudd)
  • Cleared the Silktown graveyard of ghouls (commissioned by the Dole family of Silktown)
  • Obtained seeds and glimmerfin scales for the Nuptial of Nuts (commissioned by former mayor Cynthia Logwopper-Cherrywood)
  • Exterminated dangerous experiments from the basement of local wizard’s house and rescued a captive dryad (commissioned by Cynthia)
  • Cleared Rhyryburg of dangerous yellow musk creepers (commissioned by Cynthia)
  • Rescued citizens of Glensfield from dangerous cult (unconfirmed)
  • Defeated ethereal werewolf haunting ruins in the Sloughwallow Swamp (unconfirmed)

Fangs of the Forest

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