Glensfield is a small farming thorp to the Southeast of Rhyryburg along the Rhyryn River with a population of 31. It consists of four buildings; the mill, the stockpile, the stables and a great-hall. The surrounding fields are primarily wheat, with some potatoes and leeks as well. The small thorp relies on its wheat harvest each year to bring in enough money for the next year. Its people come to Rhyryburg to celebrate the planting season by engaging in the annual acorn planting. They didn’t come to the last festival, though they’ve kept up trade. They still sold a large catch of green-burning Glimmerfin scales to Rhyryburg for the festival.

Glen, the thorp’s founder, lives in a small cabin in his fields. He is the only one who lives alone, the privilege afforded to him by his status.

The town has been visited by tragedy over the past few years, with a number of deaths. A mother died in childbirth three years ago. Several months later, Sally, the millers’ daughter died at age 12 in an accident at the mill. They lost all of their potato crop to potato blight that year as well. It is not a huge wonder that they lost faith in traditions and stopped coming to the festival.

Their crops have grown especially well over the past two years, almost as if a druid had serviced them, though one has not been through the thorp to anyone’s knowledge.

Served by Chispa Cerun.


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