“In legends, Ipollox is said to be the prison of a god that displeased Pelor. In older ones, it’s said that people visited the burning surface of the star in voidships that pierced it like bolts from a crossbow. Whatever the rumors and tales tell, I know that it’s big, red and older than me”

-Orpheus, Teller-of-Tales.

Ipollox is an M-class red giant. The old star swells to fill much of the sky and casts the land in dusky light even at noon. The star is dying.

It takes Dorod 365 days to make a full orbit of Ipollox. The star is also flanked by a number of other bodies. It expanding order, they are:
Nuvun asteroid belt (former planet)
Hiddensoul asteroid belt
Silis (gas giant)

Due to the limited light from the star, the only plants still native to Dorod are a dark purple. Rather than chlorophyll, they produce bacteriorhopsin, a substance that absorbs a much higher range of light from the color spectrum. Flowers are often white and yellow to contrast.


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