Many of the towns that persist on Dorod’s surface come into contact with tradeships claiming to belong to Jetsam. At first thought to be a merchant company, Jetsam was discovered first by the Sheenseer Covenant from their perches in the clouds.

Jetsam is reportedly a fleet of ships numbering in the thousands. Some grow crops while others collect and purify water. Some are little more than rafts and others dwarf even the largest warships. It must all be done without magic, for fear that the dweomer-eating sea it rides might rise up and consume it.

The center is dominated by a ring of ships sailing in a circuit like a hurricane, with a half-mile wide stretch of water betwixt them. It is unknown what the purpose is to the eye of the fleet.

All races mix onboard Jetsam, though inherently magical races like gnomes generally die quickly on the ocean and are quite rare.

Despite the rarity of actual gnomes in the city, their works are prized there. Large clockwork devices can be bought here, where human and elf artificers are laboring to replicate gnomish designs. In the absence of magic, there has been resurgence of high-performance machines.


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