Dorod’s only satellite. Lim is a large moon that orbits Dorod once every Dorodeen year, or 375 days. It eclipses its parent planet for 27 days every year during Occlusion.
p. During three days of Occlusion, a bright pinprick of light can be seen on Lim, and a small swathe of land on Dorod is illuminated as if during dusk. This phenomenon is called “Lim’s Eye” or the “Moon-star”. Lim, Occlusion and Lim’s Eye have feature in many myths and belief systems around Dorod for eons.

A myth held that Corellon Larethian created Lim’s Eye during a contest with Olidammara.

It was learned during the events of the second Starfallen invasion, that Lim’s Eye was actually a tunnel bored through the celestial body by the Starfallen ages ago.

The tunnel was being used as a device to link with a far corner of the universe. By all accounts it still functions, but no new Starfallen have emerged through it towards the planet riding the energy of Ipollox. It has been hypothesized that they were all trapped in transit within the moon and were all released again for the second invasion. Another theory posits that something destroyed the Starfallen civilization who, presumably, constructed the roads between the stars.


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