“As if we didn’t already live lonely, secluded lives. Now no two wizards may study together. The difficulty of the craft will be magnified tenfold should pupils not have masters to guide them…” -Vreahni Marshwillow, refugee of an arcane university.

A spell-virus that spreads when two beings utilize the weave near each other. This was learned only after a breakthrough discovery in arcana; the discovery that when anyone manipulates the weave, they leave their imprint on it, and can imprint on things in the area. Before that time, it was only known that wizards would drop dead, pallid skin and purple glowing veins marking the trend.

The virus is insidious, and it has even been suggested that it might be intelligent after a fashion. It lays dormant in an infected being until they pass it on by sharing imprints with someone, both of them having manipulated the weave near each other. After it becomes active it progresses to stage one, causing spells to fade and fizzle sporadically for the victim. If enough spells are cast, it progresses to stage two which is a wasting stage, then to stage three. After stage three, the victims usually die. Occasionally some survive the virus and recover, marked forever by mutations they developed during stage three.

It has spread to the Centuries, including Nymm. It caused many spellcasters to take up hermitic lives far from others. It has largely died out, but lies dormant in some of the hermit wizards who survive still, especially elves that were infected in the original plague and have yet to pass it on. It created a bit of a taboo against masters “mixing magic” with pupils, though it is usually quite safe in this day and age.


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