The domain of Kal Dezmorrous, Nymm is an extraordinarily large demiplane that continues to expand. The demiplane has existed for roughly 200 years and, since it expands from the edges, the outer reaches are uniformly younger than more central areas. Since it is so uniformly aged, areas’ proximity to the center is referred to by age. The 150 year perimeter, for example, came into existence when the plane was 150 years old, and is thus “150 years out from Teonne” and has existed for 50 years. The demiplane is 1200 miles in diameter and grows approximately six miles of new land in every direction each year. At its axis, Kal’s Sunspire dominates Teonne.
p. The demiplane is covered in the terraforming efforts of its colonists. Much of the interior is farmland that makes use of the proximity of rivers in an effort to feed the massive population descending from the original refugees that fled here. Farther out extensive forestry is practiced, and the young forests cover much of the arable land in neat rows that are slowly developing into more traditional forests as time passes.

Teonne’s massive population demands a large supply of food, and even the outer slopes of the Goblet Mountains have been terraced to allow high-angle vertical farming. Beyond the 50 year perimeter, most flat land in lower Nymm out to the 150 year perimeter is dedicated to farming and most hills and mountains to forestry. The peaks of many mountains in the Bloodwall range, Cordwellan range, Stirrus Mountains and World’s Edge range are icy and bare, unsuitable for life. Hills and scrub lands are dedicated to goat and alpaca herding now that ranches for larger animals aren’t stable.

It is generally understood that Dezmorrous can shape the world to his whims, but has no real control over the content, proven by his ignorance of the ores here. Tunnels and cave systems seem equally strange in light of this, but many suggest that he created them as primitive shelters for his people. They say he didn’t intend them to become warrens for predators and bandits. Equally strange are the standing stones and circles found across the land. They look far older than they should. Often, plants grow at an accelerated rate around them. Hexicite was discovered in proximity to them. Occasionally a more complex structure is found- a small catacomb or tower. The architecture is recognizably similar to the architecture of Teonne. Around these structures, archeological activity is banned.

Nymm’s hoofed residents, namely cows and horses, have been afflicted with a blight known as Peelhoof. The disease has killed off many of the grazers and no known cure has been found. It is currently being treated with quarantine. Horses are very valuable, but often they will contract the disease if they are used for long distance travel because this increases their exposure rate. Because of this, cavalry is almost nonexistent in Nymm. Ranchers do not raise cattle anymore, as it is not a sound investment. Instead, they rear alpacas in large herds. The alpaca does not suffer from Peelhoof, as it does not stand upon a hoof. Almost all cheese in Nymm is from either goat or alpaca milk and all leather form their hides. Giant lizards are used in some places as alternative beasts of burden, brought into Nymm with lizardfolk immigrants.

An organization of St. Cuthbert devotees called the Greyguard used to enforce law in Nymm. They were independent from mage-lord Dezmorrous and meted out justice as a sort of extremist police force. They no longer hold power. Instead, the Order of the Silver Flame has taken charge over matters of law. They grow weak however. The outer reaches of their prison grid collapsed in a tide of overflowing prison populations that grew too large.

These prisons, which had originally been very large facilities for housing prisoners were manned by the Order of the Silver Flame due to their beliefs concerning certain aspects of the punishment system. Now they are reverse-engineered to keep people out rather than in and serve as citadels for the Prisonlords who led the prison gang rebellions that seized their freedom. Some are not cruel lords, and instate a sort of freeman’s territory ruled by strength, but honorably. Some are barbaric convicts rampaging through the land from their base of operations.

These skirmishes caused many defectors who did not want to be labelled a criminal all their lives and knew the consequences for prisonbreak. The defectors often had committed only small offenses. They fled southward, founding the furthest colonies at the time. This created the new wave of towns near the 150 year perimeter, including Silk Town, Rhyryburg, Ruby and Maybury.

Due to the events that led to the Prisonlord revolts, and because of the financial crisis they caused within the church, many Order of the Silver Flame temples lie abandoned from the 50 year perimeter to the 150 year perimeter. Those same events crippled the Order beyond the 50 year perimeter and released swathes of bandits between the 50 year perimeter and the 100 year perimeter. The detention temples that housed the prisoners ran breeding programs for dogs to use as guard dogs. When the wards were driven out, many of the dogs were set loose, fated to become rabid and feral.

There is a fairly decent population of fluxkin in Nymm. Most are simply born into their aberrant bodies. It’s possible that their mothers or fathers were afflicted by bizarre magical radiation in the past, or that they spent too much time near large deposits of Hexicite while pregnant. The results are the same. As such, there is also a large population of traveling chirurgeons who ply their trade along the major rivers. They amputate tumors, tails, extra arms or bizarre conjoined twins as the patient demands. Often this is done to infants by their parents who find them hideous. Some of them are butchers looking to make some coin and scram. Others are highly skilled professionals offering their services where they believe there is need.

Sightings of strange folk have increased near deposits of Hexicite. Reports vary wildly in size and nature. Some claim that the people have animal features, others that they are small and fly.


Cities and Towns:
-(Capitol) Teonne
- Rhyryburg
- Silk Town
- Maybury
- Garum-gol

Environments and Landmarks:
- Rhyryn River
- Sloughwallow Swamp
-the Sunspire

Local Legends:
- The Drummer’s Boys
- Prophecy of the Grey Legion
- Prophecies of Jinwei the Augur
- A Catalog of Prophecy
- Krillvaga Twice-Cursed

Organizations and affiliations:
- The Aegis Covenant
- Broken-Crown Clan
- Greyguard
- Order of the Silver Flame
- Ordelvin Clan
- The Deep-Hammers
- the Silver Hawks of Ruby
- Fangs of the Forest


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