ooze ecosystem

The oceans of acidic ooze contain some vestiges of an ecosystem within them.

Sailors on the green waters fish for purbbles, purple orbs that bubble up from the depths. Purbbles exhibit magical properties, but seem unfazed by the ooze, and it has been posited that they are actually small organs or nodes within the ooze where its magic is stored for more slow digestion, rather than instantaneous feeding. These deposits are highly sought after for their healing properties. They also suppress the effects of curses for a short time, and are sold to interplanar groups wishing to study their myriad potential properties.

Flitters seem to live as a form of krill called Hish for a period of time before molting and taking to the skies. Hish, unlike Flitters, are immune to the effects of the acid. During their molting, they spawn off great waves of Flitters, many of which die in the acid, but counteract the effects with their own blood, which is a powerful base. This allows the other Flitters to make it to the surface, where airborne predators feast on the clouds of rising insects.
Hish feed on microscopic particles, possibly the digested food of the ocean itself.

Mirror crabs feed on the Hish. Their opalescent carapaces protect them from the acid. Sailors catch them for their pearly shells and tender meat. Mirror crabs can grow to enormous sizes, but often do not because they must make it above the surface to shed their old shells and grow new ones, during which time they are vulnerable to disease and predators, as well as the shifting tides of the ocean.

Slime eels slide through the ooze, counteracting the acidic environment with their mucus, which they secrete in spades. They hunt the smaller mirror crabs and hish, and possibly fish that still survive in the depths. They nest in knots to create bubbles of mucus.

Strange shapes can be seen occasionally below the inky surface, and it is said that tentacled monsters dwell below.

ooze ecosystem

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