“Nice town. No one bothers anyone else too much. Even about business with succubi…”
-Khammisu, local magician.

Rhyryburg is an overgrown village at the 150 year perimeter. Permanent population of roughly 900, with occasional frontiersmen living transiently in the few lodges. Positioned next to the Rhyryn River, the town lacks a bridge and is not a common stop for caravans. Most of the town’s residents are the children of refugees from the Detention Temple conflicts farther north. The town has a jail with a single room that amounts to no more than a stone shack with bars and a padlock.

Rhyryburg is dominated by a large oak tree in the center of town.

Several small thorps surround Rhyryburg. These thorps run semi-independently, but come to Rhyryburg for blacksmith services, trade and major holidays. They also store most of their harvest in Rhyryburg’s large subterranean granary. The thorps include Glensfield, Wendyshollow and Samgrove.

The north of town is bordered by Sloughwallow Swamp. Even more north of that lies Shearcliff. The town rarely ventures north, except to pull occasional hauls of tar from the swamp’s pits, or children out hunting for rare golden toads.

Mayor of the town is Cynthia Cherrywood, cousin of Rhiannon Cherrywood.

Chispa Cerun serves Rhyryburg. She tends to visit town once every month and a half. Her home is not far from town and when asked, she’ll admit to considering herself a citizen of the town.

The town is poor. Its people primarily make money from farming wheat, beans and rice. The rice paddies are closer to the swamp. Some trade also comes from the river, but rarely, and a few townsfolk fish along it. Others utilize the Sloughwallow for tar. The town exports wood from the young forests it oversees, and raises small herds of goats.


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