Silk Town

Silk Town is named for the product of its spider farm, which its citizens weave into fine silks. The silk from the spiders is slightly stronger and slightly lighter than average silk worm silk, but not to any extraordinary extent. They make an excellent living from these silks and constructed a bridge across the Rhyryn River some time back, causing an economic boom due to the caravans that began passing through regularly.

The town is effectively ruled by the silk trade, with a triumvirate of merchants enacting law and funding projects for the town.

Silk Town is situated on the east side of the Rhyryn. Sloughwallow Swamp is just to the west of it, and provides ample supplies of tar. The roofs of the town are uniformly black shingles because of this, and give the town a somewhat dour appearance. This same tar is used to drive away the spiders when worker venture into the spider pens to harvest their silk. It burns hot and gives off thick smoke. Chimneys had to be installed in the pens to prevent this smoke from killing the spiders and the workers. Usually only a small dab is added to a bonfire or torch to give off the telltale smell. The spiders seem to avoid the smell instinctively. The tar is also the best way to keep a fire going in the dampness of the pens.

Silk Town recently had some trouble with one of its employees who used to cull the large spiders from the pens before they ate their young. Barley Stubknuckle was captured by the spiders and brought deeper in, bound in webs. At some point the “symbol of his office,” as he referred to a stained-wood spider pendant, slipped from his jerkin and the spiders “realized that he was their king and savior.” They obviously spared him for some reason. He then took up the spiders’ cause, preventing the large spiders from being killed, which would have caused a steep drop in marketable silk production and could have ruined the business. Fortunately four travelers from the nearby town of Rhyryburg came to their aid in exchange for some silks and seed. The travelers convinced Barley to come out of the pens and into custody, but are still working on culling the large spiders.

Rumors have been started that there are giant man-eating toads in Sloughwallow.

The town mayor is a large man named Elmer Mudd. It’s gardener is a woman named Fraund.

Served by the Druidic Defender, Chispa Cerun. Ena Jarropulllin is a prominent local herbalist.

Silk Town

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