The Starfallen are an alien race of living weapons capable of massive destruction. As a race they have little in common, varying wildly in form and killing power. They share a lack of sentience, but incredibly sophisticated intelligence. Viewing the sense-of-self as a virus that wastes precious mental processing power, they attack all sentient beings without mercy.

Their unique physiology defines them. Each “cell” is capable of mutating itself at will and serves as a mental unit much like a cell of the brain. This feature not only allows them to manipulate their bodies over time, but spreads thought through their entire bodies. Often, a limb cut from a Starfallen will retain intelligence, grow a new (usually vastly different) body apart from its progenitor and continue functioning. Sometimes these amputations lack a baseline intelligence and go into a sort of emergency expansion state in which they seek a safe place to grow and will begin consuming resources rapidly to increase their biomass. They often simply replicate their part over and over, creating horrible blobs of eyes or fingers. As they gain mass, they gain brainpower until the threshold for intelligent coordination returns.

All Starfallen are magical and capable of consuming and repurposing almost any material by creating organs to handle it. Many were known to grow blast furnaces in their gullets and feast upon ores to smelt metal bones and exoskeletons. They grew chisel-like appendages and carved glyphs into their hides, imbuing them with magical augmentations that could be re-carved as fast as it ablated. Some grew armies of mindless servants in their bellies and would drill through rock into dwarven cities, spilling their hordes forth with the muscle action of hundreds of esophagi. Many trawled themselves across the landscape, smoke billowing around their vast shoulders, vented from the industrious organs in their bodies as they chewed the very planet.

They are incredibly difficult to kill. The Defenders of Dorod famously slew one that had been growing beneath the surface of the planet for eons. Uthek-Tyllod had begun setting itself up as a god inadvertently as it created a cult of mentally linked supplicants while it hibernated. The worshippers felt the mental touch of their “god,” but didn’t know that he was only dreaming. When he finally awoke, every member of the cult was subsumed by his mind.


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