The Book of Ages

Dorod’s history, as told through the ages.

The First Age
Which is lost to knowledge.

The Dawn Age
Which found the suns of the galaxy to flare.

The Age of Elementals
Which found that the planet’s elements opened vortices into the first of the many planes. The elemental planes emerge with latent spirits.

The Age of Slime
Which congealed across the planet where the elements aligned correctly.

The Shaping Age
Which was the first sign of spirits inhabiting flesh. The emergent Shapers formed the slime into bodies. But the Shapers fought against other spirits, the Watchers. The
Watchers were the first gods, who had seen spirit mix with flesh but never partaken. When they battled, it was the First War, and the Watchers overthrew the Shapers, flinging their kind into the Elemental Plane of Water. They condemned the shapers with First Mortality. This was, the Mortal Form, which dictated that spirit could only marry with body if certain forms were followed, demanding that flesh be nurtured and cared for if it was to be used.

The Age of Worms
Which was the first age of mortals, as the worms would die and breed. Some grew huge, as we see in Purple Worms today.

The Second Age of the Shapers
Which saw the return of the Shapers. They altered the worms, and molded them along the Mortal Form.

The Fire Age
Which followed a cataclysm that boiled the oceans and burned the ground. The Azers lived on Dorod for a time and erected great stone statues of themselves.

The Age of Reptiles
Which produced strange new shapes that had been hiding from the fire underground. These shapes became the first legged mortals.

The Dragon Age
Which was the reign of the greatest tyrants of the first reptiles. They were the first mortals to learn the secrets of magic. The dragons enchanted the first stone giants and statue animals the Azer had left behind. The stone giants lived to serve and mine. They feared the dragons. This was the first age for a soul to be placed with a spirit and a body.

The Splintering Age
Which was the first age that had Gods. The Watchers still watched, but the giants sometimes saw them, and began to pray to them. This gave them power. The Dragons bred hill giants from the stone giants that stayed too long in the sun. This was the first time a soul was judged. This was the age that created Asgard from belief.

The Ordning Age
Which was the age of Giants. Granted power by their Gods, the giants were split by blessings. Storm Giants were granted the most devastating of miracles by their Favored Watchers. Eventually the giants overthrew the dragons. They were then forever divided by kind, both the giants and dragons.

The Age of Tyranny
Which produces the first records of humans, as slaves by the giants, perhaps most cursed of their kin.

The Age of Towers
Which followed a war, won by the thoughts of humans, who had unlocked some blessing of the mind. When they defeated the giants, it was with a thought attack that flared and killed all of the Psionic order involved, as well as every human and giant on the surface, who were transformed into thought patterns and spirits. This spawned the Feywild and Shadowfell of opposing thoughts across adjacent planes of existence for which there were fewer laws. The remaining humans were those who lived within the monolithic towers of their Giant masters.

The Green and Black Age
Which introduced the Feykin elves and gnomes to Dorod, who were created then by their Archfey who had ascended to Godhood. The Gods began ruling. Undead first crawled forth from the Shadowfell and broke the rules of the Mortal Form. They filled the spaces that humans had not colonized.

The Age of Falling Stars
Which was characterized by regular meteor showers which deposited miracle minerals across the planet. Some elves claim that this was the age that left adamantium and mithril through the land.

The Red Age
Which spouted hot mountains at the prayer of the fiery cults of Metalmakers. The flaming wastes claimed much of the land, though not all. The birth of the Dwarves occurs, whence Moradin forged them in holy flame and shaped them upon a celestial anvil.

The White Age
Which covered Dorod in snow and ice. A long age, but uneventful.

The Storm Age
Which saw more rainfall and rising tides than any time since the Shaping Age. Lightning savaged the land and warped the stunted plants growing since the White Age.

The Misty Age
Which finds that again the humans became populous tribal people, this time among the teeming jungles.

The Serpent Age
Which was ruled by the Yuant-Ti, a cult of snake worshipping humans. The Yuan-Ti unlocked the first portals to the Astral Plane, and to the numerous outer planes spawned to measure good and evil.

The Nightmare Age
Which was notable for complete solar eclipse that lasted the duration of the age. The world was entirely dark, besides one hole in the moon, where the Elves cultivated the land and kept mortals alive through the dark land. Their greenbelt preserved many plants and natural species that would have otherwise been forgotten by time. The Yuan-Ti were largely destroyed, but some escaped the cold death at the hands of the encroaching dead of the Shadowfell.

The Barren Age
Which found the land dead and awaiting a new nurturer. Humans lived like animals in their ruins while the elves planted anew.

The Age of Smoke
Which horrified the elves. For the hobgoblins took axe to the elve’s forests, and began spreading an empire. Near the end of this age, though, the Great General had perished, even with his old magics, and their empire collapsed inwards onto itself.

The Age of Embers
Which found nations sundered and flagging in the face of the wilderness around them as monsters fought each new colonization. Petty nations warred and were isolated in turn.

The Human Age
Which replaced the Hobgoblin warlords with Human Kings ruling the land.

The Machine Age
Which introduced complex mechanisms to history.

The Stellar age
Which spread the mortal races to the solar system.

The Age of Judgement
Which commenced with the first great Tanar’ri invasion. The demon hordes and Balors even slew a number of Gods. It began an arm’s race against the next big disaster, documented by the Oathsain. The age ended with the Impact War and the first Starfallen invasion, devastating the victorious Oathsain and scarring the land.

The Second Dragon Age
Which was characterized by the return of the dragons to their dominion over mortals. It marks the last period of extraplanetary travel on any major level, and the last High Magic era. The dragons choked out the practice of magic by mortals and severely decreased the number of humans who knew of the craft.

The Androform Age
Which was known as a great triumph of Giantkin and humanoid reparations. Through an alliance of the two, the dragons were brought low, opening the stage for a new era of prosperity, though the practice of magic was limited to very few. Giants and humanoids lived sometimes together, but mostly apart in agreed-upon lands. Near the close of the age, the two sides had once again nearly split. The Feywild seems to disappear in this age, leaving only the spirits and peoples that were on Dorod.

The Age of Tribes
Which began when the orcs and goblins began conquering neighbors without the rule of the giants or dragons to check them. They eventually drove a wedge between humanoids and stone, hill and ice giants who came into conflict with them and didn’t much see the difference between any of the “small folk.” The age was dominated by nomadic tribes and foraging. Permanent settlements were mostly held by the elusive elves and the steadfast dwarves.

The Age of Enlightenment
Which was brought about by Haurach, draconic simply for “Fate.” The ancient being left its marks upon stones, discovered to be ancient mud banks of a river that had not flowed since the Age of Reptiles. Haurach was born stunted and twisted, soon to die. It was, however, gifted with farthest sight. When they found its bones, petrified in the bank, they found next to it a glyph in common telling of Haurach’s month of life. As it died, it taught itself magic, from its views of the future, and inscribed its messages for the creatures it saw there, for whom it admitted once feeling more connection than with its own kind. The reptiles that would have lived near it are written about only rarely. It knew that it was a freak and soon to die. The stones later revealed secrets, and astoundingly accurate messages for their readers, with instructions on them to find another stone at a future date through a series of clues that they could not miss. These messages revealed much, and are still found sometimes today, assumedly according to Haurach’s plan. They taught the people of the Enlightenment Age about magic once more. A moderate level of magical prowess was achieved societally.

The Book of Ages

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