the Silver Hawks of Ruby

A fairly well known group of monster hunters through Southern lower Nymm. The Silver Hawks of Ruby are patriarchal, and train their sons to track and slay monsters. Their creed demands that they kill all lycanthropes, and they are hostile to most other shape changers as well, knowing that they seek to infiltrate the potentially idyllic lands of lower Nymm.

The Silver Hawks of Ruby earned their title when they aided the countess of Ruby in Redkeep against a clan of wererat conspirators. She knighted the Eridor patriarch, as well as his comrades, Sir Dornick Gimmelt and Sir Jalhir Quenifar. The three men were blessed with many sons, as were their sons. The order of hunters enforced rigorous schooling in their hold of Rockreach, far to the East of Ruby, at the edge of the Countess’ lands. The hold was carved from living rock as a favor from the nearby dwarves after the Silver Hawks purged a mine of beasts.

Silver Hawk hunters are individually referred to as Talons. They travel always in pairs, encouraged to find one shieldbrother that they develop a strong bond with. Each pair is granted a set of sending stones, a silver weapon, and a magical item from the arsenal that the Silver Hawks have amassed in Rockreach. They lack much monetary wealth, but have a fortune in objects. Girls are not allowed to join.

Talons take a trophy from their first monster hunt to make a totem out of.

The Silver Hawks have ranged just beyond Tallin northards, and beyond the Sloughwallow to the West. To the East, they do not usually venture too far, blocked by the World’s Edge mountains intimidating crags.

the Silver Hawks of Ruby

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